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Here you will find some of the sexiest and most beautiful models across the country.  In a setting that would literally make your mouth water.  Read about and watch an intimate POV perspective of videos of our journeys coast to coast seeing these Foodie Hunnies talk about life, taste, review, and explore restaurants, events in your very own backyard.


Island Beauty Noelani

Beauty and the Beach

Hanging out at Boots and Kimo

In my quest to find good eats and the beauty to accompany me, I make my way back to my roots.  The beautiful Island of Hawaii.  What an excellent place to start off my journey to find the hottest women and the tastiest foods.  Hawaii is a melting pot of ethnicities and cultures.  A mix and match of flavors and cuisines.  It wasn’t hard to find the perfect lovely model to start off my foodie adventures with.

Mixed with Puerto Rican and Japanese, and a smile that can make any tourist feel welcome here on the Island.  She epitomizes the beauty of Hawaii with her “Hapa” half white half island look.  I meet the amazingly beautiful Noelani.  She’s a Dinner cruise hula dancer and restaurant hostess by night, college student by day, and up and coming Model in her spare time.    Her beach tanned luscious body could easily grace the pages of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine cover.  Her soothing saucy local pidgin accent completes this Island Beauty.  Not only is she easy on the eyes, but she has a charm to her, that draws you in.  A somewhat naive and inquisitive take on life.  You could tell she craves to explore the world outside the comforts of Hawaii.

Tucked away in the lush green lazy town of Kailua, we find a popular breakfast spot that used to be a hidden gem.  Now everyone and their mother knows about Boot’s and Kimo.   Now crowded with locals and tourists, Boot’s and Kimo claims the title of best breakfast spot on the Island.  Best known for their fluffy Pancakes with to die for Mac Nut Sauce.

Noelani visits Boots and Kimo in Kailua Hawaii.  Unfortunately it’s a 1 HOUR WAIT for our table on a Sunday morning.  Oh well time for an interview to get to know our very own Island Beauty.

Noelani talks about her job, and how she’s afraid of CHEESE CAKE!, who’s afraid of cheese cake?? She also discusses her favorite fast food, how she loves fried ANYTHING, and in her opinion, she’s not a picky eater.

From Stella ArtWHAT? to Pineapple Vodka and Sprite.  Noelani goes over her favorite adult beverages.

Part 2 Noelani does a quick shoot at Turtle Bay and visits the famous Giovanni Shrimp truck.  She talks about how she would love to travel and visit places like India.  She explains the way to enjoy shellfish is to deshell everything first before diving in.