Foodie Angels “Sushi Lovers”

Three is always better than one.  We are joined by three of the most beautiful models to grace the pages and screen of foodie hunnie.  Visiting from the Chicago area we have the lovely Plurmaid Kati.  She’s an experienced glamour model who loves going to festivals and raves and tells us some candid stories of her adventures in the scene.  She tells us of one time where a fellow female raver took Head banging a little too literally.

Next up is Whitney Chase who hails from Toronto.  The best that Canada A has to offer!  She’s a regular in the Import Car show scene being a Miss Hot Import Night winner who is also an accomplished gamer who can kick your ass at Fortnite .  But don’t underestimate her car knowledge as she also has a stylish FRS that she shows off at car shows too.

Then there’s local bay area beauty Eliza.  She’s a stunning Sorority girl who is also a fitness and hair model.  She’s always down for new experiences and like Kati, is a Plurmaid that loves the Rave scene.  She’s street smart and craves to travel and explore what the world has to offer.

The girls take time to do a shoot and share some insight of their lives.


Working hard shooting can make you hungry.  For these three ladies that means they are starving.  What all three have in common is that they LOVE Sushi.  Again, what models doesn’t love Sushi?  We visit a trendy Sushi spot called Toro Sushi in Fremont, CA.  We reserve a private room and we had to order using an “IPAD” rather than a normal menu.  A definite sign of the times for an establishment in the heart of Silicon Valley.  We challenge them to “Try something new” as they give Sake, Uni, and Salmon Roe sushi a shot.  The Sake and Uni didn’t quite go over very well as you will see.  But they washed everything down with some tasty drinks at the end.