Show me the Veggies!



It’s bound to happen, meeting a model that doesn’t eat meat.  So doing an episode on vegetarian food was inevitable.  Tonight I hangout with the beautiful and soft spoken Annastasia Marie.  Originally from Texas.  She’s a knife wielding, dinosaur loving, rum drinking, vegetarian who’s also an agency signed fashion model now living in LA.  Before her move to the City of Angels we meet up at a bay area vegetarian restaurant the Green Barn after doing a quick photo shoot.  She tells me how she became a vegetarian in high school due to a stomach issue that inflicted her throughout her youth.  How she now carries a knife because she was robbed at gunpoint in the city.  How being a vegetarian is not only a healthy choice but an environmental saving stance.  I also discover that her goal is to become a sports agent, just like Jerry Maguire “Show me the money!”.  Mainly because she wants to raise money for environmental research.  She loves reptiles and dinosaurs and wants to become a marine biologist.

We take a break and then attempt to get some Boba tea.  Unfortunately the Boba tea place Tea Top is out of “Boba”!  We chat how she can drink me under the table with her favorite drinks like Pitorro Rum and Coquito which is like a Puerto Rican coconut egg nog.  Don’t give her Whisky though as she’s one and done.  She has an old soul that loves old school music and doing 60’s, 70’s and 80’s style shoots.  She’s half Puerto Rican mixed with Dutch, German, American Indian, and African American just to name a few.  She may be soft spoken but she definitely had a lot to talk about and point of views to discuss that make you want to talk to her for hours.