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Here you will find some of the sexiest and most beautiful models across the country.  In a setting that would literally make your mouth water.  Read about and watch an intimate POV perspective of videos of our journeys coast to coast seeing these Foodie Hunnies talk about life, taste, review, and explore restaurants, events in your very own backyard.


Island Beauty Noelani

Menage a Twineries

Models Alexis and Hannah visit us from Southern Cal to join us for a day of wine tasting in Napa Valley. After a quick lunch we had time to visit 3 different spots along the way. First stop is Opus 1. A beautiful but quiet winery that has a highbrow feel. You could literally whisper and it would seem too loud. Alexis, who is a stunning half Malay and Italian loves wine. She associates wine with celebrating who you are with. Wine has been a big part of her family life growing up. It was common for her to drink wine at the dinner table during her youth. Then there’s our Mexican bombshell Hannah who is a first time wine drinker. She loves Jaeger and would suggest making “Jaeger wine” if there would be such a thing. She was first introduced to alcohol when her mother would give her NyQuil as a baby so she would sleep. Then around the age of 2 her dad would sneak her a sip of his Micheladas which didn’t go to well with her mom.

Our second stop is the more casual Turnbull Winery. This time we have a nice discussion over a flight of mostly Cabernet wines. Hannah, who says she’s a true Gangster at heart, tells us stories of how she thought “Felix the cat” was robbing her house. Also, her dad is her supportive number 1 fan when it comes to her modeling telling all his friends “that’s my hot daughter!” . She thought wine tasting was going to be little shot glasses of wine and that she’s really bad at recognizing flavors. We learn that Alexis is a great at cooking Italian food. The key to a good Alfredo is FOUR cheeses in her recipe. She’s definitely not a gangster and she actually likes Nerd boys. Hey guys, so she’s saying there is a Chance!..

We finally wrap things up at Menage A Trois winery. Which is Alexis’ favorite type of low cost wine she often buys at home. Unfortunately Hannah’s loses her wallet which luckily the winery found and we came back to get the next day. All in all it was a great experience with the two and they even went home with some cool Christmas tree ornaments.

Hoot Dat?

Hooters girl Megan

“What do you call an Octopus that is going to war?” asks New Orleans’s very own Megan B as we chat outside a bar on the busy streets of downtown New Orleans. “WELL ARMED!!!” she exclaims as I give her a sarcastic “Ha Ha”… Well if her comedy career flops, she definitely can bank on a modeling career as she is by far very “Big Easy” on the eyes. She is a Hooters Girl who has competed in numerous modeling competitions. Knocking out her competitors with ease. She loves working at Hooters which despite the negative connotation of being an establishment just for horny men. To her she says Hooters is a great family restaurant where she gets to interact with her adoring fans of all genders and ages. She loves Tequila and hopes to be a spokesmodel for a Tequila company someday.

We make our way to a long line in front of the famed ACME Oyster House. Finally making it inside to imbibe on some tasty local beers and the most delicious Cajun Seafood around. The Chargrilled oysters were to die for. Not to mention the fried Crab Claws. She shows us how to take down an oyster shooter.

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Cirque du sommelier

Kristina Petrova

“I forgot my ID!!!” Kristina screams as we are about to cross over the Golden Gate Bridge. I quickly flip a Ueee as we know we will need her identification if we want to have a fun day sipping on lovely wine in Napa today. But flipping is something our Russian born Kristina is all too familiar with. She is a former acrobat performing in Cirque Du Soleil shows as a child. Having to stop due to a back injury. Her parents actively involved in the production of certain Cirque Du Soleil shows. Most of her recent work has been in night clubs. However, she is now trying to launch her acting career. She even has a role in an upcoming Netflix movie which remains a secret as she says “I cant really speak upon…” signing an NDA.

We visit the beautiful Domaine Carneros Winery in Napa on a beautiful day. Her trying to describe and pronounce the different bubbly wines is more comical than anything as you will see. Her sense of humor is refreshing and compliments her stunning fashion model looks. She also discusses her favorite and not so favorite Vodkas.

Show me the Veggies!



It’s bound to happen, meeting a model that doesn’t eat meat.  So doing an episode on vegetarian food was inevitable.  Tonight I hangout with the beautiful and soft spoken Annastasia Marie.  Originally from Texas.  She’s a knife wielding, dinosaur loving, rum drinking, vegetarian who’s also an agency signed fashion model now living in LA.  Before her move to the City of Angels we meet up at a bay area vegetarian restaurant the Green Barn after doing a quick photo shoot.  She tells me how she became a vegetarian in high school due to a stomach issue that inflicted her throughout her youth.  How she now carries a knife because she was robbed at gunpoint in the city.  How being a vegetarian is not only a healthy choice but an environmental saving stance.  I also discover that her goal is to become a sports agent, just like Jerry Maguire “Show me the money!”.  Mainly because she wants to raise money for environmental research.  She loves reptiles and dinosaurs and wants to become a marine biologist.

We take a break and then attempt to get some Boba tea.  Unfortunately the Boba tea place Tea Top is out of “Boba”!  We chat how she can drink me under the table with her favorite drinks like Pitorro Rum and Coquito which is like a Puerto Rican coconut egg nog.  Don’t give her Whisky though as she’s one and done.  She has an old soul that loves old school music and doing 60’s, 70’s and 80’s style shoots.  She’s half Puerto Rican mixed with Dutch, German, American Indian, and African American just to name a few.  She may be soft spoken but she definitely had a lot to talk about and point of views to discuss that make you want to talk to her for hours.


Foodie Angels “Sushi Lovers”

Three is always better than one.  We are joined by three of the most beautiful models to grace the pages and screen of foodie hunnie.  Visiting from the Chicago area we have the lovely Plurmaid Kati.  She’s an experienced glamour model who loves going to festivals and raves and tells us some candid stories of her adventures in the scene.  She tells us of one time where a fellow female raver took Head banging a little too literally.

Next up is Whitney Chase who hails from Toronto.  The best that Canada A has to offer!  She’s a regular in the Import Car show scene being a Miss Hot Import Night winner who is also an accomplished gamer who can kick your ass at Fortnite .  But don’t underestimate her car knowledge as she also has a stylish FRS that she shows off at car shows too.

Then there’s local bay area beauty Eliza.  She’s a stunning Sorority girl who is also a fitness and hair model.  She’s always down for new experiences and like Kati, is a Plurmaid that loves the Rave scene.  She’s street smart and craves to travel and explore what the world has to offer.

The girls take time to do a shoot and share some insight of their lives.


Working hard shooting can make you hungry.  For these three ladies that means they are starving.  What all three have in common is that they LOVE Sushi.  Again, what models doesn’t love Sushi?  We visit a trendy Sushi spot called Toro Sushi in Fremont, CA.  We reserve a private room and we had to order using an “IPAD” rather than a normal menu.  A definite sign of the times for an establishment in the heart of Silicon Valley.  We challenge them to “Try something new” as they give Sake, Uni, and Salmon Roe sushi a shot.  The Sake and Uni didn’t quite go over very well as you will see.  But they washed everything down with some tasty drinks at the end.

Smoke Show


Visiting from Austin Texas we have a southern bombshell who goes by the name Mkay.  She says “she’s the girl next door with a twist.”  How I wished and dreamed I had a neighbor that looked like her and I would be borrowing sugar every week.  She’s a Penthouse Pet and an Instagram star that would occupy your screen time with hours and hours of views.  Good thing her content is considered “NSFW” or you would surely get fired for never getting any work done in the office.

We decide to do an interview at a local Hookah Lounge and Restaurant called Bijan in Fremont CA one night.  With hundreds of thousand social media followers and looks that will melt your screen, she’s very down to earth and easy to talk too.  We were actually a few minutes late and the kitchen of the family owned Mediterranean restaurant had closed.  But with Mkay giving the Hookah Lounge attended a Wink and a Smile, he managed to easily convince the kitchen to reopen and prepare for us an outstanding tasty meal.

In between sultry puffs of smoke I managed to get a very welcoming candid interview.  We talked about the crazy housing prices of the bay area compared to Texas.  Noting that a million dollar cost of a humble looking home in the Silicon Valley would for sure get you a 5 story mansion in Texas.  She’s a foodie that loves her Steak and of course BBQ.  She adores beer, but mainly only IPA’s and darker beers like Stouts.  “Anything hoppy” she says.  So watch her interview below which will easily make you “Happy” to get to know her.

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Jodes Do It!


Jody at Yo Jimbo Sushi – Alameda CA

Introducing Jody, a stunning Model/Basketball Baller from Hacienda Heights.  She sneaks out to spend a midweek day with us in Alameda.  Taking a break from her busy day job as an Auto parts shop manager.  We check out a local hole in the wall sushi spot called Yo Jimbo.  Decorated with anime cartoon artwork, we feel as if we are eating in a Japanese Manga comic book.  I interview her and then do an impromptu fashion shoot at an abandoned outdoor basketball court on the Alameda naval base.  She loves modeling which seems to come easy to her.  But her favorite past time is playing basketball.  She participates in an exclusive all women’s semi pro league called Basketball Beauties League in LA.  She’s definitely a beauty on and off the court.  She effortlessly swishes three pointers after three pointers like Kobe and then smoothly transitions her looks into a runway model that should be on the cover of a fashion magazine.  Check out part one of her trip.



“Hello Stacey”


“Hello Stacey”

Today we meet with local Hawaii girl Stacey for a morning shoot and some lunch.  We meet at Ko’Olina beach park on the west side of the island.  Best known for it’s calm serene lagoon beaches and home of one of the Islands most popular Luaus and the Disney Aulani resort.  She’s new to modeling starting out at a few local car shows.  She shines in Hello Kitty apparel and says she’s a typical “Japanese” even though she’s a half mix of Japanese and Chinese.  Likes the Hawaii night life and goes clubbing often.  Japanese food like Sushi is her favorite cuisine.  I’m starting to realize that most models LOVE sushi.   She likes to dissect her sushi before eating it rather than eat it all together.  But she loves her steak as she showcases her expert knife skills of slicing of a juicy ribeye.  But you can forget the onions next time.  She dislikes them…

Beauty and the Beach

Hanging out at Boots and Kimo

In my quest to find good eats and the beauty to accompany me, I make my way back to my roots.  The beautiful Island of Hawaii.  What an excellent place to start off my journey to find the hottest women and the tastiest foods.  Hawaii is a melting pot of ethnicities and cultures.  A mix and match of flavors and cuisines.  It wasn’t hard to find the perfect lovely model to start off my foodie adventures with.

Mixed with Puerto Rican and Japanese, and a smile that can make any tourist feel welcome here on the Island.  She epitomizes the beauty of Hawaii with her “Hapa” half white half island look.  I meet the amazingly beautiful Noelani.  She’s a Dinner cruise hula dancer and restaurant hostess by night, college student by day, and up and coming Model in her spare time.    Her beach tanned luscious body could easily grace the pages of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine cover.  Her soothing saucy local pidgin accent completes this Island Beauty.  Not only is she easy on the eyes, but she has a charm to her, that draws you in.  A somewhat naive and inquisitive take on life.  You could tell she craves to explore the world outside the comforts of Hawaii.

Tucked away in the lush green lazy town of Kailua, we find a popular breakfast spot that used to be a hidden gem.  Now everyone and their mother knows about Boot’s and Kimo.   Now crowded with locals and tourists, Boot’s and Kimo claims the title of best breakfast spot on the Island.  Best known for their fluffy Pancakes with to die for Mac Nut Sauce.

Noelani visits Boots and Kimo in Kailua Hawaii.  Unfortunately it’s a 1 HOUR WAIT for our table on a Sunday morning.  Oh well time for an interview to get to know our very own Island Beauty.

Noelani talks about her job, and how she’s afraid of CHEESE CAKE!, who’s afraid of cheese cake?? She also discusses her favorite fast food, how she loves fried ANYTHING, and in her opinion, she’s not a picky eater.

From Stella ArtWHAT? to Pineapple Vodka and Sprite.  Noelani goes over her favorite adult beverages.

Part 2 Noelani does a quick shoot at Turtle Bay and visits the famous Giovanni Shrimp truck.  She talks about how she would love to travel and visit places like India.  She explains the way to enjoy shellfish is to deshell everything first before diving in.