Hoot Dat?

Hooters girl Megan

“What do you call an Octopus that is going to war?” asks New Orleans’s very own Megan B as we chat outside a bar on the busy streets of downtown New Orleans. “WELL ARMED!!!” she exclaims as I give her a sarcastic “Ha Ha”… Well if her comedy career flops, she definitely can bank on a modeling career as she is by far very “Big Easy” on the eyes. She is a Hooters Girl who has competed in numerous modeling competitions. Knocking out her competitors with ease. She loves working at Hooters which despite the negative connotation of being an establishment just for horny men. To her she says Hooters is a great family restaurant where she gets to interact with her adoring fans of all genders and ages. She loves Tequila and hopes to be a spokesmodel for a Tequila company someday.

We make our way to a long line in front of the famed ACME Oyster House. Finally making it inside to imbibe on some tasty local beers and the most delicious Cajun Seafood around. The Chargrilled oysters were to die for. Not to mention the fried Crab Claws. She shows us how to take down an oyster shooter.

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IG @RealMB621

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