Smoke Show


Visiting from Austin Texas we have a southern bombshell who goes by the name Mkay.  She says “she’s the girl next door with a twist.”  How I wished and dreamed I had a neighbor that looked like her and I would be borrowing sugar every week.  She’s a Penthouse Pet and an Instagram star that would occupy your screen time with hours and hours of views.  Good thing her content is considered “NSFW” or you would surely get fired for never getting any work done in the office.

We decide to do an interview at a local Hookah Lounge and Restaurant called Bijan in Fremont CA one night.  With hundreds of thousand social media followers and looks that will melt your screen, she’s very down to earth and easy to talk too.  We were actually a few minutes late and the kitchen of the family owned Mediterranean restaurant had closed.  But with Mkay giving the Hookah Lounge attended a Wink and a Smile, he managed to easily convince the kitchen to reopen and prepare for us an outstanding tasty meal.

In between sultry puffs of smoke I managed to get a very welcoming candid interview.  We talked about the crazy housing prices of the bay area compared to Texas.  Noting that a million dollar cost of a humble looking home in the Silicon Valley would for sure get you a 5 story mansion in Texas.  She’s a foodie that loves her Steak and of course BBQ.  She adores beer, but mainly only IPA’s and darker beers like Stouts.  “Anything hoppy” she says.  So watch her interview below which will easily make you “Happy” to get to know her.

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