Menage a Twineries

Models Alexis and Hannah visit us from Southern Cal to join us for a day of wine tasting in Napa Valley. After a quick lunch we had time to visit 3 different spots along the way. First stop is Opus 1. A beautiful but quiet winery that has a highbrow feel. You could literally whisper and it would seem too loud. Alexis, who is a stunning half Malay and Italian loves wine. She associates wine with celebrating who you are with. Wine has been a big part of her family life growing up. It was common for her to drink wine at the dinner table during her youth. Then there’s our Mexican bombshell Hannah who is a first time wine drinker. She loves Jaeger and would suggest making “Jaeger wine” if there would be such a thing. She was first introduced to alcohol when her mother would give her NyQuil as a baby so she would sleep. Then around the age of 2 her dad would sneak her a sip of his Micheladas which didn’t go to well with her mom.

Our second stop is the more casual Turnbull Winery. This time we have a nice discussion over a flight of mostly Cabernet wines. Hannah, who says she’s a true Gangster at heart, tells us stories of how she thought “Felix the cat” was robbing her house. Also, her dad is her supportive number 1 fan when it comes to her modeling telling all his friends “that’s my hot daughter!” . She thought wine tasting was going to be little shot glasses of wine and that she’s really bad at recognizing flavors. We learn that Alexis is a great at cooking Italian food. The key to a good Alfredo is FOUR cheeses in her recipe. She’s definitely not a gangster and she actually likes Nerd boys. Hey guys, so she’s saying there is a Chance!..

We finally wrap things up at Menage A Trois winery. Which is Alexis’ favorite type of low cost wine she often buys at home. Unfortunately Hannah’s loses her wallet which luckily the winery found and we came back to get the next day. All in all it was a great experience with the two and they even went home with some cool Christmas tree ornaments.