Jodes Do It!


Jody at Yo Jimbo Sushi – Alameda CA

Introducing Jody, a stunning Model/Basketball Baller from Hacienda Heights.  She sneaks out to spend a midweek day with us in Alameda.  Taking a break from her busy day job as an Auto parts shop manager.  We check out a local hole in the wall sushi spot called Yo Jimbo.  Decorated with anime cartoon artwork, we feel as if we are eating in a Japanese Manga comic book.  I interview her and then do an impromptu fashion shoot at an abandoned outdoor basketball court on the Alameda naval base.  She loves modeling which seems to come easy to her.  But her favorite past time is playing basketball.  She participates in an exclusive all women’s semi pro league called Basketball Beauties League in LA.  She’s definitely a beauty on and off the court.  She effortlessly swishes three pointers after three pointers like Kobe and then smoothly transitions her looks into a runway model that should be on the cover of a fashion magazine.  Check out part one of her trip.